A Personal God

I don’t even know where to begin. How about Psalm 108:6 “Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered.” My thought is God has delivered me out of the darkness of my past. I can reflect on so many things that has happened since accepting God in my life and committing myself to Him. It was two years ago today. Okay, He knew what he was getting when I came to Him as His broken child. One of my happiest moments is the day I was baptized. God has been working on my soul and hurts every since then. Just maybe even before I came to Him.

I was so broken. I didn’t know what true love was. I didn’t know what honor, cherish, trust, and worth felt like until God showed me. God slowly taught me these things. We all know the meaning of these words but do we know what it feels like to truly to be honor, to be cherish, to trust something completely, to be shown that you have worth and value. Okay, I still have trouble with the trust completely but it’s okay. God knows this about me. He knows who I am. He knows everything about me. All my joy, happiness, sadness, faults He knows. He knows the darkness that I came from. I don’t have to tell him. I don’t have to hide any of me from Him. He knows and accepts me. This is the love He has for me. God is a personal God to me and He can be a personal God to you too.

When I think of my surrender to God it brings tears to my eyes. Loving God and God loving me in return is the best thing in my life.


God says, “Welcome home daughter.”

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