“The Gift Of the Blood”

“The Gift Of the Blood”

His words were silent
as they mock and beat him
He knew what must be done
He didn’t stop them,
So little did they know
God born as a child
Come down to save them

They gave him a thorny crown
“The King of the Jews”
His blood drip down
They didn’t understand him
God born as a child
Became a man to save them

His mother watching
Nail pierced hands
Thieves beside him
On the cross, they hang him
God knew what was
Going to happen to him

Abandoned by heaven
He cried out forgive them
He took on our sins within him
His blood flowed from him
There he stay on the cross
Hope born within him

The curtain was torn
The earth shook
The rocks split
The tombs broke open
The holy rose to life
His spirit he gave for them

In the tomb his body laid
Seal and guarded for three days
Then the stone rolled away
He was not imprison
Gone was his body
Risen, Risen, Risen

Death could not hold him
Our victory has come
With the gift of His blood
Where grace was pay
On the cross that day
He choose to stay

Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
April 16, 2017
Easter Day

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