My King

Dearest King,

There you sit on the throne, my King. The one who see all me. Not in this body of mine but in a heart that sings your name. I could not imagine a more royal majesty than my heavenly King. I see no princely crown just You on the throne waiting for me. A smile on your face. A look that says, “I’m your King because you have accepted me.” There is love in Your eyes. I need not say a word because Your soul knows me and I know you. I smile as I look dreamily upon you.

Some would wonder how I could lose myself in this special place. It’s not hard to think of you to want the peace you bring. A place that brings comfort. Where it is just You and me…. I see You move from the throne to hold out an arm of invitation to take Your hand. I reach out to You but I never quite feel Your hand in mine. You are always reaching for me…..

Sometimes there is a fire that separates us but Your hand still reaches out to bring me safely through the flames that will not burn. I am with you….. Still, there are no words spoken just a knowing of hearts. A knowing of who is my King who loves me. Being with you is divine.

Some will think this is a love letter to a mere mortal man but it’s not. It’s to MY God, my King. GOD who holds my heart in His hands. A name I sing …… Jesus loves me.


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