Twisted Tongue

My words get twisted, misinterpreted
My minds say one thing
But my tongue is in a sling
Thoughts come out
That makes you doubt
The Christian love
I have for you

Concepts of beliefs
Are turn into thieves
Of misunderstandings
Into my perspectives
Of words and thoughts
I want to share with you

If I could I would
Look you in the eyes
Touch your hand
And show you what
my heart says inside
it is so simple
I would never intentionally hurt you

In the past, my heart was broken
From things that needed spoken
But now I know of a freedom within
Where my heart now lives
Unafraid of words and actions
Where God’s love has mend
The brokenness inside
Piecing together again
A love born up high

Pruning the branches
Making room for new growth
The little girl who screamed inside
And try hide has died
The Creator is waking
A beautiful blossom in the making
for the Bridegroom taking

If you think these words are spoken
For you as a token
Of my love for you in Christ
Take them into your heart
do not let them depart
Seal them in your mind
My words are meant to be kind
The love of God is not blind

Cassie Taulbee-Johnson

September 26, 2017




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