Sing Praises to His Name

Lately, there has been something a little new happening to me. I can’t quite explain it. There are some different feelings about God in my heart. I know He’s there, but I don’t always feel Him as strongly as I have in the past. But this week has been different for me. I should be stress out to the max with this being mid-term in my classes and major papers due along with homework, but I not. Today has been an especially good day for me. Before starting my schoolwork, I found myself singing. As I was singing, I started praising God which isn’t anything new for me to do. Then, I started surrendering issues to God as I sang to one particular song. That was new to me to do with a song. Finally, I found myself in prayer to God as the music continually playing. I only do that on Sundays mostly when the invitation is given. I pray for lost and for hearts to open to God’s words that have been spoken. I usually pray when it’s quiet and in the chapel or at home. The feeling of God presence was surrounding me. I kept inviting Him in and to celebrate the day with me. I have felt Him all day long as I work, and it feels wonderful to praise and give him glory. I hope the person playing basketball in the church parking lot didn’t mind my loud, off-key singing. If so too bad I probably do it again.
Psalm 68:4
Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Lift up a song for Him who rides through the deserts, Whose name is the LORD, and exult before Him.

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