I wish they could see my heart.


This morning after writing on “Unity = Effective Communication” with spoken and unspoken rules in any relationships. I started having thoughts about how I wish sometimes people could see my heart and the love I carry for them. This made me sad because I know the only one who can truly see all of me and my heart is God. I carry a hope that someday when people get to heaven God will show them things I can’t express in words to them. I decided to go back to bed for a nap. I started dreaming about an ancient white church with stone columns and steps. There were no doors on this church and light shined out from it. I was on a yellow school bus getting ready to leave the church with a group of people. When I heard a beautiful song praising God. It sounded a lot like our worship team playing joyfully. I even could recognize the words, but now I can’t recall them. I felt the Holy Spirit in this song. It compelled me to jump off the bus and run up the steps, but I stopped outside the doorway. The song was finished. I stood on steps watching some members of my church welcoming back people who had been gone. It was beautiful. They were hugging each other and laughing. There was a general goodwill feeling.  But when I look at one person in particular, I saw a sadness in his eyes I sometimes see. At that time the visiting minister who will be preaching tomorrow appear beside me and look me in the eyes and said, “He can’t see you, but I can.” For some reason that was enough for me. I touch his arm and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and run back down the steps to get back on the bus. Another member of my church (a young lawyer) stopped me from stepping on a broken column that decided to fall at moment. Then I saw the bus being towed away with the thought, “It’s broken.” I woke up but being half asleep and my son wanting to use my computer, I accidentally deleted my writing on “Unity = Effective Communication.” I have no idea what this dream means, but I do know that the song I heard was being sung with the Holy Spirit. I think the minister on the steps with me was God.

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