Are You Letting God Love You?

caviezelRecently I wrote about a dream I had titled “I Wish They Could See My Heart.” In my dream, I talked about a person I saw with sad eyes inside the ancient church. I knew the person I was seeing was Jesus using the image of someone else just as I knew the image of the visiting minister on the steps was God. But I couldn’t understand why God would say Jesus couldn’t see me. Then I realize both images were a physical person and a spiritual being. It wasn’t Jesus who couldn’t see all of me it was the physical person. So, what does this matter? Remember I talked about the sad eyes I see sometimes in that particular person. I see the same sad eyes in Jesus. I think Jesus was looking outside the church at lost people. I think Jesus was looking at people who aren’t letting God love them.

I know God loves us, but are we letting God to truly love us? You’re probably wondering what the difference is. It’s like this, God loves all His creation, His image bearers which is what all humankind is, male and female, Christians and non-Christians. But are you letting God love you? Letting Him love you is a choice of letting His love fill the hole in your heart. It’s trusting and letting God in. Then it’s loving God in return. As this love grows it teaches us to let God’s love be enough. He can be both a good father and mother to us. God is spirit. No one can love us as He does. As we learn to let God love us we learn how to share and receive the love God has given to us with others. In other words, it’s not a human love we are sharing and receiving. It’s God.  When we learn how to do this we can see parts of a person’s heart that we couldn’t see before. We realize there are more to a person then what they show us. They have feelings and emotions. They have hurts, fears, joy, love, etc. They have physical, mental, and spiritual needs that we can help them with by the love that God gives us. We can see people just a small bit as Jesus see them and us as image bearers of God… worthy of being loved. hqdefault

It doesn’t mean we still don’t see people’s sins or give corrections. Jesus did that too. We just see more than their sins and able to move past them with grace, mercy, compassion, and God’s love that we let in our hearts.


Let God love you.

John 13:34-35 (NIV) “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,  if you love one another.”


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