Conversation with God at Church on Sunday

Opening songs
God: I gave you peace. Will you not raise your hand to me in praise?
Me: Yes, God. (hand raised)
God: The Holy Spirit has spoken to him. He understands and sees your heart more than you think.
Me: Thank you, God.
Invitation song
God: Will you not bow and prayer for hearts to open?
Me: Yes, God (head bow, prayer whisper)
Father, thank you for opening my heart to the sermon and giving me peace. Thank you, for understanding me. Father, let the sermon open and touch other hearts too. Etc. In Jesus’s name. Amen.
God: Remember what Ellen and you studied about communion and baptism this week and being in the mindset of remembering what Jesus has done when taking communion.
Me: Thank you for saving me. Etc. (It’s personal)
Offering Song
God: Stop caring what others think about how you worship me. Will you not raise your hand to praise me and express how you feel about me?
Me: Yes, God (hand raise and the other on my heart, letting God sink in)
Father, there is someone standing by Tom (the pastor). Did you answer my prayer? Is he getting saved?
Me: watching and thinking don’t get too excited it might be something else. More watching. Again, Father, is he getting saved?… Wow, he’s praising with both arms in the air in front of everyone not caring…. Me: Smiling and giving praise…. Hope, he’s getting saved… My heart beats faster. Tom steps to the front of the stage with the man. Tom tells us a little about, Lee, the man. Lee gives his profession of faith and is going to be rebaptized later in the day.
Me: Yes… There is joy in my heart and rejoicing in the church.
Closing song
The woman behind me is crying with joy. Lee is with her. I want to turn around and hug her and him, but I don’t. It can wait until the song is over. Thought: Tom told us Lee was a construction worker. I laugh…
Me: Well, God he’s not the constructions workers that have been working on the church that I have been praying for, but he’s a construction worker. Maybe the others are already saved so you sent another one. Thank you for answering my prayers.

Note: I had the honor of watching Lee, the construction worker, be rebaptize and give his heart to God at 2:00 on Sunday.

man in praise

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