Interesting Homework/God’s Will


My homework assignment yesterday was to respond to classmates’ post about different approaches used to discern the will of God in our lives. Here is what one classmate responded to another that I found interesting:— “I’ve realized that within God’s sovereignty, He has placed us in certain situations which grow us and help us become who God wants us to be. In Ecclesiastes 3, the author writes about how there are seasons in our lives, and how we need to be accepting of them” (Cerasani, E., 2018, personal communication).

There are several methods to discerning the will of God people may use- bull’s eye, wisdom, and relationship-formation to name a few. Here’s a brief description of each from another classmate. “The “Bull’s Eye” approach is the theory that God has a perfectly detailed plan tailored especially for each individual.  In other words, the expectation is that even though we are all sinners. by following God we should hit the bull’s eye in regards to discovering our purpose here on earth.  The “wisdom” approach asks the Christian to use his or her array of abilities and knowledge garnered through serving as a faithful servant of Christ in order to find the right path to be guided down.  The “relationship-Formation” approach is somewhat of an antithesis to the bull’s eye approach, as it believes that God does NOT have a predetermined, specific path for our lives.  This approach is more centered around the Christian making godly choices in their day to day lives and thereby growing in Christ through the human/divine relationship” (Newcomer, S. 2018, personal communication).

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