What & Why I Believe

Part of my homework this week is to answer these two questions. I thought it would be a good challenge for other people to think about too.
1. Why is it important to know what you believe and why you believe it? (50–100 words)
2. Identify what you believe about God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. Why do you believe these things? (50–100 words)
Part of the challenge for me on this homework was keeping it between 50-100 words each which I didn’t achieve. I went over. The other part of this challenge for me was I really had to think about why (the evidence and reasons) I believe in God. I thought about it from the perspective that what if I didn’t have the Bible to follow and what makes me believe in the Bible as 100% true. I had to think/process it for several days. I went deeper in thought then the answers I give to my assignment.
It is essential to know what and why we believe in something. First, knowing what we believe is the foundation of who we are, and where we stand on personal and world issues. Second, knowing why we believe in something and the roots of our beliefs gives us the authority to speak with respect to other people about what we believe. According to Powell (2006), “to believe in something without first seriously reflecting on it or looking into it is not an act of faith, it is an act of foolishness” (p. 10). Therefore, we must be able to speak with intelligence about the evidence or reasons why we believe in something. To not to know why we believe in something is to mimic someone without thought or intelligence. It’s following the crowd to fit-in without a foundation to stand on. It can easily be sweep away or changed. Some people are okay with this, but I’m not one of them.
I believe God is the creator of all things that exist (Gen. 1:1, NIV). I also think God is the ultimate power of the universe. I believe God loves me (John 3:16) and knows me by name (John 10:3). I believe that the Bible is not only a history book but God’s story from the beginning of time to the end of time (Rev. 22:13). We can choose to be a part of God’s story or not because God gives free will (Joshua 24:15). I believe Jesus is the Son of God and the gospels are an eyewitness account of his life, burial, and resurrection. The evidence or reasons I believe all these things is I’ve seen and felt what God is doing in my life and the lives of others.
Here is where I went deeper, and I didn’t include in my assignment. In the beginning, there was no Bible. God walked and talked with Adam in the garden. God spoke to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and many others. They were able to visually see the effect God created in their lives. God talks to us today; we just need to listen. He communicates through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and other people. We can see the effects of God in lives. We just need to be aware and to look for God’s presence. I believe in the Bible because I have studied it. I know it’s not the imagination of one person. It was written by many authors over a long period of time. These people are the same ones who walked and/or talked with God and Jesus. We believe there are dinosaurs because there is evidence, proof they exist. There is evidence of the Bible existed with the Dead Sea Scrolls which are very accurate to today’s Bible. The original Bible has never been found. The Old Testament is believed to have been finished 400 +/- years before Christ’s birth, but still predict his birth and death…. I could go on and on, but the main reason I believe in God is that I know, felt, and seen what he has done for me.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:2).

Powell, D. (2006). Homan quick source guide to Christian apologetics. [myWSB version]. Retrieved from https://www.mywsb.com/reader

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