Mole Holes

My role in my family has changed drastically. I have gone from being able to rely on other family members for help to most of the family depending on me. One of the things that have changed is my sister being able to drive to her not driving at all.

So, every Wednesday and some Fridays I take my sisters to our mom’s house to go to church or to visit. When I first started doing this, I noticed that my mom’s yard is full of mole holes. You can’t really know mole holes are there until you step into one and the ground gives away, making you stumble which has happened to me. This makes it dangerous for my sisters to walk in the grass with their bad knees. Being the kind of sister I am, I wanted to protect them from this small danger and prevent them from falling and hurting themselves. Thus, I started parking my car half in the grass and half in the drive-way leaving room for my sisters to walk on the safety of the pavement to the house. This still puts me walking in the yard, but I do so cautiously, trying to sidestep the mole holes….

I think sometimes sin is like mole holes, unseen until someone comes along and steps in one and stumbles. I also think sometimes we need someone to look after us and let us walk on the pavement where we are safe from sin.

The obvious solution would be stopping the mole from making mole holes; making it easier for everyone to walk safely through the yard….

Although I love my step-father dearly, I wish I could get that concept through his head. He doesn’t think the mole holes are that big of a deal. Maybe that is because he parks by the sidewalk avoiding the yard altogether.

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