Synthesis Essay: Interdisciplinary Class

This is a synthesis essay I wrote for my interdisciplinary class. We were asked to explain our degrees and how they blend together or benefited us. My professor liked the paper and I got an A.

Behavior Science and Computer Technology

Behavior Science and Computer Technology are the two fields of my interdisciplinary degree, but I have also been studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Psychology with an emphasis on Christian Counseling. I will have fulfilled the interdisciplinary degree requirements by Christmas and the psychology degree around next year this time. I believe both degrees will benefit me in a future career or life in general.

Computer Technology

I started an associate degree in computer technology in 1995 but was unable to finish it. Most of the computer classes taken are now outdated. But there were several classes which have helped me in areas of my life and continual education. Courses such as Business Communications, Business Management, Principles of Management, and Business Law have given me an introduction to the workings of an office environment and how to communicate better when dealing with others in the business atmosphere. Small Business Accounting, Accounting with QuickBooks, and Business Math taught me how to manage money and to do my taxes. Another class that has assisted me in life was an internship in the Human Resource Office at the courthouse. This is where I learn to be around other people with different personalities in an office atmosphere. In addition to the other courses, there were basic education classes which help to fulfill the criteria of the degrees I am now seeking in interdisciplinary studies and psychology with Christian counseling.

Behavior Science: Psychology and Christian Counseling

The integration of psychology and Christian counseling has been my focus for the last couple of years. Many Christians and non-Christians have emotional sufferings that involve Christian beliefs. Some of those emotional sufferings are from distorted teachings or past traumas which can lead to behavior issues inside and outside of the church setting. Understanding how to assist these people scientifically and biblically is my goal in studying the integration of psychology counseling with Christian beliefs. My secondary goal is educating Christians that it is acceptable to have support in a therapeutic counseling environment.

Christian Psychology and Counseling

Christian psychology classes are like secular psychology classes but viewed with Christian beliefs and Christian worldviews. Christian psychology classes link God’s creation in this fallen world to the human behaviors found in a person’s biological make-up such as genetics, diseases, etc. Also, Christian psychology classes link secular techniques and biblical teachings to help people with coping skills, education, beliefs, abuse, parenting, etc. Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy methods are learned within course material for the relief of anxiety, depression, psychotic disorders, etc. Classes are studied within the realm of God as the author of all healing and psychologists as assisting in the healing. Christian psychology is not going against God’s teachings in the Bible; they are using them in correspondence with the lessons in psychology classes. Some of the courses that I have taken so far in psychology are Developing Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavior Modification, Psychology of Personality, and Psychology with Christianity. When I integrate these classes with the teachings from my Christian Counseling classes, I can understand more about the human mind and the connections it has with Christian beliefs.

Christian Counseling

The Christian counseling classes I have taken so far are similar to the psychology classes. They bring practices and information from studies in psychology and human behaviors, but they focus more on the theology side. The material covers biblical teaching such as prayer and Bible scriptures that can be brought into the counseling sessions along with the invitation of the Holy Spirit/God to help a person to move past hurts. Topics such as faith and distorted beliefs may be addressed within lectures with the thought of assisting the students to help people understand whatever issues they may be facing. Some of the classes I have taken so far are Introduction to Christian Counseling, Issues of Christian Counseling which included ethics and helping people to get unstuck in spiritual growth. I also have taken Christian Counseling for Children, Counseling for Women, and issues in Human Sexuality which address biblical views of abuses and how to cope. These classes along with some theology classes have broadened my perspectives in counseling and Christianity.


Although most of the computer technology classes are outdated, they were beneficial to my future education in behavior science and fulfilled requirements in my Bachelor’s Interdisciplinary degree in Behavior Science and Computer Technology. Psychology and Christian Counseling are also able to be integrated into my education. I look forward to a career in the field of counseling or wherever God may lead with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Psychology with an emphasis on Christian Counseling.

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