It’s taking that breath then stepping out into the world and thinking is there an end to this craziness.
• It’s looking up knowing God is watching and knows your heart when everyone else’s eyes are blinded by the shield you carry around your soul.
• It’s demands on you and your time when you just want to sit in the presence of God and surrender all.
• It’s regrets coming into your mind and saying, “I CAN’T live in my regrets, I need to move on.”
• It’s that person that you repeatedly forgive, and they hurt you again. It’s asking God to change their heart and it seems like he hasn’t moved them yet, then covering up the pain and asking God to just get you through it.
• It’s waiting for an answer, and God says, “not yet.”
• It’s the words you pray to say, to break through the wall that has been built around a broken relationship.
• It’s seeing the hurt inside someone and wanting to remove it.
• It’s letting God into your heart and letting him change who you are.
• It’s carrying hope where no one else sees hope.
• It’s silently crying out to God in the darkest moments and having your son say, “You are not alone. God is with you.”
• It’s begging God to intercede, to open a heart and mind, so you don’t have to tell people something that you know will hurt them. When he doesn’t, you hold on to your faith knowing his time and way is best.
• It’s saying, “no one is perfect,” to someone, then later hearing someone say it to you and feeling like you’ve been slapped in the face. Then wondering if that is what it felt like when you said it.
• It’s asking God to forgive you for saying it and thanking him for showing you what it felt like. Then waiting for the right time to ask a person to forgive you and saying, “I understand now.”
• It’s seeing and knowing God is moving where no one else can see those small movements he is making.
• It’s holding your hand up when the song says, “in the Father’s House there is a place for me” and knowing His House is bigger than the church building.
• It’s wanting to say, “I love you and care still, but my heart has changed. The tension is gone. It’s knowing loving someone is risky and being willing to take those risks.
• It’s saying it isn’t up to you to fix me. It is my job to fix me with God’s help. Just be there for me.
• It’s saying I know you don’t want to hurt my feelings, but it’s too late. I’ve survived it and grew from it.
• It’s being taught by you that I can stand up for myself and speak my mind without a child’s fear of being harm.
• It’s having conflicts with someone and still, trust and love them and knowing they still love you. Yep, I had to learn that too.
• It’s having hope all our misunderstandings will be wiped away someday.
• It’s being knockdown but standing up stronger for it. (figuratively)
• It’s the respect and love I have for you for the discipline you give
• It’s stepping out in the world and looking at it with Christ in me.
• It’s learning how to become God’s warrior.
• It’s about God’s will, not my will, and keeping faith in him.
• It’s loving God and loving people.
• It isn’t what it is, but what it needs to be.
• It’s being a Child of God.

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