“The Journey”

“The Journey”

It is not about having a strong faith.
It is about CREATING a strong faith.

It is not thinking or saying my/their faith is weak.
It is MAKING and HELPING to make a faith stronger.

When you or someone picks up burdens again that were given to God…
Do Not BE the enemy’s voice that says, “Your faith is weak.” Tell yourself/them to give it to God over and over and over again… as many times and pieces as it takes to finally let go.

It takes training to change mind-set and surrender our will to God.
God knows this about us. So, do not be harder on yourself or someone than God is.

Love God, love people.
Love in action, not just in words.

The journey is about extending grace to yourself and others. Just as Jesus/God does.
It takes practice, practice, and more practice.

By Cassie Johnson

Thoughts to ponder on.

Be the Church.

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