“My Dear Heart”

“My Dear Heart”

It is not a physical death I fear
I figured out that part from the start
It is not smart to be apart
from God’s heart

It is a spiritual death that I fear
A life and death without God
Would be tragic, my dear
The deceiver has a hold on you, I fear

Please think of me as no fool
I have agreed to be His tool
God is not cruel
For I know Jesus rules

My prayers are done with tears
My hope is that you will hear
The love he has for you here
And step away from evil’s snares

I know God is mighty
And can do anything
But the choice must be made in you
To be holy, to be set apart for God’s heart

I have questions and doubts too
Temptation and desires on the heart
But to serve God’s heart
Grace must be where it starts

Stop and listen to the unmerited forgiveness
That God offers you within
The Holy Spirit working around you
And begging to be let in

Believe in Jesus
Scream out to HIM
I beg, confess and be sorry for your sins
Accept faith in Him within

Be submerge in the Holy water
Where the Spirit enters in
Learn to obey Him
My dear heart, let go of sin

Let God’s love in

By Cassie Johnson
April 22, 2020

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