Be Still My Heart / Paper and Pen

Be still my heart
Open my eyes
See the things around me…
Hear the voices of the lost
Find me
Rescue me
Love me…

Be still my mind
Open my soul
To the Word of Jesus Christ…
What is He teaching me?
Hope in Him?
Love in Him?
Understanding in Him?…

I pray, my Lord, let me see the world as You want me to see
And not as the world wants me to be…

Be still my body
And wait for God to move you…
I know change is happening within me
My mind is reaching for more of you
My vision is not so cloudy
My focus is not on me but on others
I seek to do what you call of me…

I understand more but still lack knowledge…

Your presence no longer needs to run after me…
I stand beside you and you stand inside me
In mutual respect for each other

I can and do lean on You without being powerless
This is my choice you see
To be a part of the 99
And not the lost sheep

When my battles are more than I know to handle
I call on you
I invoke thee
Who walks with me

You, my Lord, who holds my hand
And I hold Yours
To fight for and with me…

There is no more fight in me
To question YOUR Church (not man’s church)
Which you call me to be…

There is letting Your love win
Please do not get me wrong
Love is not letting people
Think they are doing right
When You say it is wrong…

Love pulls me back into Your grace
Anger may visit for awhile
But it is
Truth in love that breaks the walls…

My Lord,
this is where being still
Is not the place

Heart and soul
Pour out
with paper and pen
for people’s sake

A simple, I love you (John 3:16)
Can be enough,
My King, to follow your ways
Because love is within Your grace
And that is my place

My heart is for you
And only in you can
I step out on my faith

By Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
October 20, 2020

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