Holding On / Dream

There were two questions asked in the worship service today. Is the Holy Spirit at work in my church, and is the Holy Spirit at work in my life?

Several months ago, I had a conversation with one of my church Elders at his business. I don’t remember what it was about, but I remember at one point I saw and felt in the pit of my stomach something I have not felt or seen in his eyes and face before. When I arrived home, I started meditating on what I saw and felt, asking God about it. At some point, I realize it was the Holy Spirit I saw and felt moving in my Elder.

My thoughts moved from thinking about that moment to focusing on how the Holy Spirit is working in my life. My mind fell into a vision of myself walking through a field. I kept thinking of the song Abba-Arms of the Father. As I walked, I kept feeling a presence with me. I would look back and around me expecting to see someone. But I could not see anyone. I asked the question, is that you, Lord, and I knew it was Jesus. He was walking with me in every moment. My journey through the field would end at a beautiful waterfall in a wooded area where I would feel peace watching the water.

The vision would start over again with me walking through the field with Jesus’ presence and ended at the waterfall each time. Every time I walked through the field, I would think of something in the past that happen and the changes it produced. Finally, when I arrived at the waterfall the last time, the physical appearance of Jesus stood there, and my eyes could not move from Him.

The next night, I let my mind think of the encounter with my Elder, then I walked through the field again with Jesus letting the peace sink into me as I fell asleep. I dreamed I was standing in the chapel talking with another Elder within the presence of two other Elders. Again, I do not remember what was said, but the actions of the moment. The same Elder I saw the Holy Spirit in called my name as I began to leave. He stepped down from the stage, then he and I were standing in front of each other with our hands touching each other’s elbows. Even though it looked like my Elder I was holding on to, I understood it was not him when I looked at his face. It was Jesus within him. Respect, trust, peace washed over me as I looked into his eyes. I knew I could finally trust him with all of who I am, so I leaned on him, and there was a sense of relief. I was not on this walk alone. When I awoke, I knew there were no more questioning Jesus’ church.

This is not the whole story, and things happen previously in other dreams where I knew God/Jesus was working through an Elder(s). In the past, I tried to pull away because I felt uncomfortable and thought the Elder was uncomfortable too, but Jesus held on. He is not the only one holding on now. I am holding on too. Jesus is a part of me. He is healing the past in me through His Church, His love, and His teachings.

So, is the Holy Spirit moving in my church? YES.

Is the Holy Spirit moving in me? Yes.

Dearest Heavenly Father, the lover of my soul, the one who holds me in every situation, who brings me peace, trust, and love; glory be your name. There is hope in Your Son. Thank you for all you do. Please, bring strength, understanding, and wisdom to my leaders. Fill their hearts with the love you have for them. Give them the knowledge, Lord, of the love I carry for them and Your Church. Lord, change is not easy, but there is no growth without change. We can know Lord that we are not alone in our walk/testing in the field or wilderness. You, my Lord, attend us and send those who are stronger to minister to us. 

Hear, my heart praise you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Mark 1:12- 13 At once the Spirit sent him (Jesus) out into the wilderness, and he was in the wilderness forty days, being tempted (tested) by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and angels attended him.

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